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Carolyn White-Mosley and her daughter Ortralla "Trella" Mosley

Mother and Daughter

About Trella's Foundation

The Ortralla LuWone Mosley Foundation (dba Trella's Foundation) was founded in 2005, by Carolyn White-Mosley in memory of her daughter Ortralla "Trella" Mosley. On March 28, 2003, Trella's life was ended at the hands of her sixteen-year-old ex-boyfriend in the hallway of their high school. This was Texas' first on-campus homicide related to dating violence. Trella was only 15.

Mrs. White-Mosley and Texas State Representative DaWanna Dukes worked to change how schools deal with teen dating violence. The result was the enactment of HB121 requiring all schools to now have prevention policies in place for teen dating violence. As well, Governor Rick Perry proclaimed the entire month of February as Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness month.

As a 501(3)(c) organization, the foundation's mission is to empower teens to choose healthy relationships through education, advocacy and support; to enable teens to become survivors of, and advocates for, the prevention of teen dating violence; to mobilize community involvement through social action and outreach; to provide a safe haven for teens in abusive relationships; and to prevent the loss of life.

Since 2009, Ms. White-Mosley on behalf of the Trella Foundation has spoken to 7 private groups and 12 assemblies reaching over 10,000 middle school, high school, community college and universities students across Texas. Out of those 19 groups and assemblies Trella's Foundation has assisted 35 known students to safety from teen dating violence.

In addition to outreach, advocacy, education and supportive services that Trella's Foundation offers, we are working towards our next goal: to create a safe haven for all teens who have been in abusive relationships: Trella's House.

It is the vision of Trella's Foundation that we live in a world where all teens choose healthy relationships, where love is learned and lives are saved.