A Letter from Carolyn

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce to you the Ortralla LuWone Mosley Foundation, Inc.

The journey for this foundation cannot be told without making you familiar with why it was founded. The Ortralla LuWone Mosley Foundation Inc. was founded in 2005, by Carolyn White-Mosley, in memory of her daughter Ortralla "Trella" Mosley. On March 28, 2003, Trella's life was ended at the hands of her sixteen-year-old ex-boyfriend in the hallway of their high school. This was Texas' first on-campus homicide related to teen dating violence. Trella was only 15.

This horrific murder created a public outcry and in 2007, the Texas State House of Representatives passed House Bill 121 which requires all schools to be educated in regards to prevention and awareness of teen dating violence/abuse (TDV/TDA). Prevention policies, legal options and support for teens and their families dealing with teen dating violence/abuse must be taught in every independent school district in the state of Texas.

Since its incorporation in 2005, The Ortralla LuWone Mosley Foundation Inc. is the first progressive teen dating violence/abuse outreach program in the state of Texas, serving over 50,000 teens. We are committed to help educate and inform teens of teen dating violence/abuse, within Austin and a 50-mile radius surrounding Travis County.

This organization mobilizes community resources through it’s partnerships with The Austin Sheriff’s Department, and Safe Place. I have become a voice for social and political change: Ms. White-Mosley is the Texas State Action Leader for MADE (Moms and Dads for Education to stop teen dating violence), collaborates with the Love of Christy, a member of the Texas Victims Association, on the advisory board for Theater Action Project, and developed a curriculum that has been approved by the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) which is being taught in their 9 halfway houses across the state of Texas. In addition, the (Preventing Teen Dating Violence and Building Healthy Relationship) curriculum has been accepted by and placed on the web-site of the Texas School Safety Center to be taught in all independent school districts across the state of Texas. And currently, Ms. White-Mosley is studying Social and Criminal Justice and Psychology.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, the foundation's mission is to empower teens to choose healthy relationships through education, advocacy, and support; to enable teens to become survivor's of and advocates for, the prevention of teen dating violence/abuse; to mobilize community involvement through social and political change and outreach; to provide a safe haven for teens in abusive relationships; and to prevent the loss of life. Carolyn White-Mosley, Founder/Executive Director of the Ortralla Foundation has one vision: a world where all teens choose healthy relationships, where love is learned and lives are saved.

Our services include: National and local speaking engagements in regards to the Prevention and Awareness of Teen Dating Violence/Abuse, Community Events, Counseling, Teaching a Curriculum on "Preventing Teen Dating Abuse and Building Healthy Relationships" (certificates given upon completion of the course, and graduation ceremonies), Teaching Parenting and Hygiene, First Call for Help (Crisis Liaison) for teens in active abusive relationships who need immediate assistance, School assemblies (Rally for Abuse Prevention), and Teens sessions. (Girls, Boys, Gay, Lesbian)

At present, our target population for the Ortralla LuWone Mosley Foundation is all female youth, specifically tweens/teens in the age range of 12-19 years, regardless of their socioeconomic status, academic achievements, personal life-style/fashion, religion or ethnic background, with or without parent/guardian, sexual orientation and school attended.

The Passion of the foundation comes from the love Ms. White-Mosley has for her daughter. Ms. White-Mosley lost her youngest daughter, Ortralla Mosley, to teen dating violence/abuse. The experience has caused her to give the love that she shared with Ortralla to the community. The love of her children has been a gift in her life. After loosing one of her star players, the need of sharing this love with others, is the passion that Ms. White-Mosley has placed into the foundation to share with the world. Another quote from Ms. White-Mosley is “To all I give Love and to Love I give my all~.”


Carolyn D. White-Mosley
Founder/Executive Director
The Ortralla LuWone Mosley Foundation Inc.
Office: (888) 823-6485
Email: cmosley@ortrallafoundation.org