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Preventing Teen Dating Violence and Building Healthy Relationships

Project Description

Trella's Foundation proposes to extend its unique, interactive, model curriculum in partnership with five public schools in each of 18 cities in nine central Texas counties. The Texas School Health and Safety Center has authorized this program in these locations, so the relationships with the schools are already established.

The "Preventing Teen Dating Abuse and Building Healthy Relationships" curriculum contains six discrete parts with overall goals to:

  1. Provide an overview of the troubling statistics connected to teen dating violence;
  2. Identify the causes of violence and abuse;
  3. Learn how to choose safe relationships; and
  4. Become acquainted with resources available to aid in prevention or support

The curriculum is engaging and interactive, employing "i>clickers," an electronic remote control system provided to each student that enables the audience to respond to questions and provide immediate feedback. This device offers a fun and effective learning method. To reinforce the program, students are given handouts with resources and information.

Curriculum objectives are to ensure that students:

Become aware of the prevalence of teen dating violence and abuse

  • Identify elements of an abusive relationship and a healthy relationship
  • Learn the various types of abuse (emotional, physical, etc.)
  • Are aware of the warning signs of unhealthy relationships
  • Learn the cycles associated with teen dating violence
  • Know options for ending an unhealthy relationship
  • Understand the rights and responsibilities of dating relationships
  • Build self-worth and respect.

Evaluation of the curriculum is accomplished immediately via feedback from the i>clickers. Further, a pre and post-presentation survey is provided to students, designed to measure the extent to which curriculum objectives are met.

This project aims to reach 1620 teens and tweens beginning in October 2011. To do so, staff will lead two classes per week for a total of 81 classes for the year 2011-2012. Each class will consist of approximately 20 students. The cities and counties served will include:

Bastrop County: Elgin, Red Rock
Bell County: Killeen, Kyle
Blanco County: Johnson City
Caldwell County: Lockhart
Guadalupe County: Kingsbury
Hays County: San Marcos
Llano County: Llano
Travis County: Austin, Lago Vista, Pflugerville, Manor, Spicewood
Williamson County: Cedar Park, Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Round Rock

The total project budget for travel, staff, materials, insurance & taxes, consultants & professional fees, printing & copying, telephone & fax, rent & utilities, travel & vehicle maintenance and miscellaneous expenses is $187,288.00 for one year. The Foundation seeks a partnership with the Brown Foundation in the form of a $2,000 grant to aid in copying and collating the handouts for the curriculum.

Instructors Guide includes:

  • Curriculum Guide
  • Power-point (CD)
  • Trella's Story
  • PSA "Choose Respect" (CD) and Trella'a Story "E! Network and Montel Live

Price $65.00

Student Handbook is $25.00

Package for a class of 10 includes:

  • Instructors Guide "Curriculum "
  • Power-point (CD)
  • Trella's Story
  • PSA "Choose Respect" (CD) and Trella'a Story "E! Network and Montel Live
  • 10 Student Handbooks

Total package is $275.00